Should You Choose Pre-Stained Pickets for Your Board-On-Board Fence?

We all know that stain is necessary to protect the wood on any outdoor structure, fences included. If you imagine a board on board fence with the pickets overlapping by at least an inch, it would be easy to imagine why it would be necessary to stain the pickets prior to installing the fence and overlapping the pickets. Using pre-stained pickets would ensure that every surface of each picket is protected with stain. When a board on board fence is built first, then stained later, ensuring that every surface of the pickets are protected by stain would be difficult, especially where the pickets overlap. Also in places such as underneath the top trim, and behind the kickerboard. So the answer to the question, would it be advantageous to choose pre-stained pickets, seems obvious. However, there are some fence companies in the DFW area that recommend staining post installation. Here are some facts to keep in mind when deciding what is right for you and your budget:

  • Using Pre-stained pickets for a board on board fence ensures that the entire surface of every picket is protected by stain
  • Experts in the fencing industry all agree that applying stain to wood that has been allowed to dry naturally for 6-8 weeks provides the best results, due to the wood acting as a sponge to absorb the maximum amount of stain possible. When you have a new fence installed, we will come back a minimum of 6 weeks later to stain your fence if you have elected to have the stain done after installation. If you choose pre-stained pickets, there is no waiting period for stain. A Better Fence Company uses pickets that have already been allowed time to fully cure prior to being “dipped”, so you can enjoy the full effect of your beautiful new board on board fence right away!
  • The pre-stained pickets that we use come in one standard color, medium brown, which is our most popular color choice for stain. If you ever need pickets replaced, or touch up stain done down the road, matching the stain color will be easy! The color we use is offered by 3 different popular brands, 2 of which are available at most home improvement stores.
  • Pre-stained board on board fences only need to be re-stained every 2-3 years!

If you are wanting the maximum longevity from your fence, with added convenience, pre-stained pickets for your board on board fence is a great option available to you. The cedar pickets that we use for our fences are the highest quality, so if you would rather save the money, and don’t mind the wait, having your fence stained after installation is also a good option.