Horizontal Wood Fences

Horizontal Wood Fences


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Horizontal Fences are currently trending in the DFW area, and are predicted to be extremely popular this year. Horizontal fences are stated to promote relaxation in backyards due to the fact that our brains are wired to recognize objects in the horizontal position as being in a state of rest. With this style of fence, the optimum height for privacy of 8 ft tall can be achieved without the towering feel of traditional vertical privacy fences. The visual lines created by horizontal fencing will make your backyard appear larger and feel more spacious. As this fence style is becoming more popular, many HOA’s and cities will approve the horizontal fence design, double check with your city and HOA to see if it is approved in your area.

Horizontal fences require a higher level of skill and craftsmanship to install correctly, compared to more traditional wood fence styles. Our horizontal fences are crafted onsite only by our skilled professionals who have the experience and training necessary to ensure that the finished product will be sturdy enough to last, and also visually appealing. Call today for a free estimate, and we can show you the options available for this popular new fence trend! (940)220-9099.

Standard Horizontal Cedar Fences

With our standard style horizontal wood fence, pickets are next to each other, offering semi-privacy with some viability between pickets. Many people love the modern look of clean lines and artisan style created by the standard horizontal fence. If you prefer style over privacy, or have beautiful backyard landscaping to boast about, then this is the perfect fence for you!


Privacy Horizontal Cedar Fences

The best solution for a horizontal wood fence with total privacy is our board on board horizontal cedar fence. The overlapping fence pickets cover any line of separation the fence may experience over time from the wood shrinking. The board-on-board design provides depth and fully encloses the yard with complete privacy.

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Fencing is simply another extension of your home’s architecture. Choosing to build a horizontal fence over a more traditional design, will give your house unique curb appeal. Installing a horizontal fence will expand your backyard. Visually the lines will make any space feel bigger. This happens for the same reason vertical lines are so slimming in clothing. They draw attention in the direction they run. Having a horizontal fence will emphasize how much area your yard has, rather than drawing attention to the height of your fence and other structures on your property. So, what once might have looked like a tiny backyard will now look like there’s room to spread out. Deciding what style of fence is right for your yard is a big decision, but not matter what style of fence you decide on, having a new fence installed will drastically transform your outdoor space. Call A Better Fence Company today and we will offer suggestions to help you decide on which style of fence is best for you!

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