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A Better Fence Company offers painting and staining services to refurbish your fence and outdoor structures, giving them that newly installed look that you’ve been missing! Schedule an appointment today with one of our representatives, and we will come to your home and assess the condition of your fence, deck, arbor, or other structures. Our representative will then determine the most cost-effective way to refurbish your outdoor structure and provide you with an estimate.

Fence Staining & Restoration

Save money by giving your fence a makeover instead of replacing it! Staining wood fences is an art we have mastered over the years. Some older fences don’t need replacement, they just need a makeover! We can let you know if your fence is a good candidate for staining. Give us a call to schedule your free fence staining estimate! (940)220-9099

 Options for Wood Fence Staining:

  • Semi-Transparent Stain– This product uses finely ground iron oxide pigments to enhance the wood color while still revealing grain and texture. The pigmentation does an excellent job of hiding blemishes and unwanted characteristics of wood commonly used in today’s privacy fencing. The high coverage rate insures maximum value for our customers because a single coat is all that is required and often outlasts double coats of competitor’s product.
  • Transparent Fence Stain– Maintains the new wood look with 100% trans-oxide pigments. The transparent color is know for highlighting knots and wood grain. Synthetic resins and natural oils preserve the wood. The look achieved using this product on high grade fencing cannot be matched with any other product.
  • Both of these types of stains are available in many different colors. Ask a representative to help you choose which option would be best for your fence.
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Bring your old, greyed wood fence back to life! That rich, warm wood glow is still hiding underneath the surface, and our experts can bring it back! Save money by restoring your fence instead of replacing it! Wood Fence Staining and Restoration is an art we have mastered over the years. Some older fences don’t need replacement, they just need a makeover! We can let you know if your fence is a good candidate for staining/restoration. Give us a call today to speak with one of our trained professionals about the best way to restore your fence.

  • Power washers are aggressive. They’ll strip the wood as well as clean off the dirt and grime, but you can also erode the wood too deeply and ruin it. Our experts are trained and know the exact psi needed to effectively clean your fence without causing further damage.
  • We can analyze your fence and determine which stain product and stain application technique is ideal for your fence to increase the overall life of your fence.
  • We have the tools/materials needed to properly complete the job. Our equipment is better and more effective than equipment that can be rented from home improvement stores.


Your deck or arbor should be an outdoor living space where you gather with friends and family—and you shouldn’t have to worry about it looking weathered and aged. Our arbor and deck restoration specialists have the expertise and experience to put new life back into your deck or arbor. A restoration project is more than just pressure washing—in fact, there are times when blasting the surfaces with a high pressure stream can easily damage the wood and harm your deck. Our restoration specialists will assess the condition, and determine the best course of action. Whether it needs a minor touch up, or full restoration, we will give you a written estimate and explain the process in detail.

Arbor & Deck Restoration Process

Our deck & arbor restoration specialists use industrial grade pressure washing equipment to carefully remove the very thin top layer of wood, revealing a layer of brand new wood underneath. We then stain your deck or arbor using a quality, long lasting stain that will protect the wood and extend its life. Your arbor or deck will be fully restored to a like new condition!

Choosing the best product for your metal fence: 

  • The traditional wrought iron fence color is black, but other colors are available.
  • Wrought iron is typically painted in either semi-gloss or gloss sheen.
  • We recommend acrylic enamels for use on wrought iron, since Alkyd (oil-based) enamels do not hold up as long under exposure to the sun.  Newer generations of “combination” oil-based enamels (e.g. Urethane Alkyd) have come on the market and are promising significant improvements over Acrylic or traditional Alkyds.  For customers who prefer a gloss sheen, we recommend using Urethane Alkyds.
  • The paints used are “direct to metal” products that do not require primer unless needed for rust mitigation.

Preparing the Surface of the fence

  • Power-washing is needed only when there is an accumulation of mud and debris on the fence surface.
  • The surface of the iron fence should be prepped with a wire-brush to remove loose material, then lightly sanded to remove surface oxidation and to create a surface for optimal adhesion of the top-coat of paint.

Rust Mitigation

  • Areas with severe rust may require pre-treatment with phosphoric acid based rust inhibitor, or in some cases, a full coat of rust inhibiting primer.

Product Application

  • Paint is applied to wrought iron fences by our trained professionals using brush, mini-roller, or paint glove techniques.

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