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fence companies prosper board on board fences wrought iron fences prosper txThe city of Prosper, TX is a rapidly growing community and is known for its slogan “A Place where everyone matters.” At A Better Fence Company, we embody the same motto at our company. Through our veteran assistance program (read about it here..), community outreach, and fair and equal treatment of all clients, no matter the size of the job, we strive to be a company that shows we believe that everyone matters.

fence companies prosper wood fences metal fences prosper tx fence companyWe are a local, Prosper Fence Company, dedicated to doing it better! Contractors have gotten a bad reputation over the years for being shady and unreliable, and most homeowners do not look
forward to dealing with them. At A Better Fence Company, we want to be the fence company in Prosper that is known for being reliable, honest, and generally not a hassle to deal with. Our goal is to not only offer wood fences and metal fences of the highest quality, but also to offer a better fence installation
experience and better customer service. Which is why we have structured our business around this promise to our customers..(read more)

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Our Prosper Wood Fence Options

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The Basic Wood Fence

We understand that not all homeowners of Prosper are looking for an extremely custom and fancy fence. Some want the cheapest option that will solve their problem. We have designed our Basic Wood Fence homeowners who simply need a new fence for functionality and low cost. Our Basic Wood Fences are builder-grade, and because of their low cost, are perfect for landlords who have multiple rental properties, or homeowners who plan to sell their house in the next few years. Learn more about our Prosper basic wood fence and see examples..

The Value Cedar Fence
Fencing Contractors Prosper TX | Fence Companies Prosper TX

Our Value Cedar Fence is a great option for homeowners in Prosper who want the quality, durability, and unmatched longevity of a cedar fence, but don’t want to pay the higher cost for a premium cedar fence. Learn More About Our Prosper Value Cedar Fence..

Our Premium Cedar Fence
Prosper Fence Companies | Fencing Companies Prosper TX

Our most popular option, this fence offers style, strength, durability, and the most value for the cost. If you plan to stay in your home for many years, and want a great fence that will last, this is the wood fence for you! Learn More About Our Prosper, TX Premium Cedar Wood Fence

Our Premium Privacy Fence

Prosper Fence Companies | Privacy Fences | Cedar Board on Board Fences | Metal PostsThis is our top-of-the-line fence and offers the most privacy and security for your backyard. The overlapping pickets allow no visibility between pickets. Our Premium Privacy Fence is the sturdiest fence style available, and has unlimited options for customization available. Although it is a premium fence, when you choose A Better Fence Company, you can expect to pay less for this fence style. Learn More About Our Prosper Premium Privacy Cedar Wood Fence..

Horizontal Wood Fences

fence companies prosper tx horizontal wood fences prosper fence company prosper

Horizontal Wood Fences are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Prosper area. Many new housing developments are being built using this style of fence in Prosper neighborhoods. Compared to traditional wood fence styles, horizontal fences require a higher level of skill and craftsmanship to build correctly, ensuring that the final product is not only sturdy enough to last, but also visually appealing. Our horizontal fences are crafted onsite with the same quality and expertise as our other wood fences. Fence Companies Prosper TX Horizontal Fence Companies

Deciding what style of fence is right for your yard is a big decision, but not matter what style of fence you decide on, having a new fence installed will drastically transform your outdoor space.

Learn More about our Prosper Horizontal Wood Fences..

Wood Fence Upgrade Options

Want to customize your fence and make it completely unique? Make your fence the talk of the neighborhood with the following upgrade options! Choose just one option, or combine several for a long-lasting customized fence.

 prosper fence companies wood fences 6 ft tall board on board fence company prosper fence companies prosper tx | privacy wood fences | 8 ft tall board on board metal posts

Prosper Fence Staining & Paintingfence contractors prosper tx wood fence staining companies prosper

A Better Fence Company offers painting and staining services to residents of Prosper, TX to refurbish your fence and outdoor structures, giving them that newly installed look that you’ve been missing! Schedule an appointment today with one of our representatives, and we will come to your home and assess the condition of your fence, deck, arbor, or other structures. Our representative will then determine the most cost-effective way to refurbish your outdoor structure and provide you with an estimate. Learn more about fence staining & painting in Prosper…

Prosper Metal Fences

Metal Fences offer a protective enclosure with a spacious feel. fence companies Prosper iron fences Prosper tx metal fencesFrom basic flat top and bottom, to extravagant and decorative, we have many options available to fit your budget and style. Each piece is pretreated with a powder coated finish. Our metal fences are virtually maintenance free, which gives them an advantage over traditional wood fences.

Learn More about our Metal Fence Options for Prosper, TX..

Driveway Gates in Prosper

Automatic Driveway Gates are available in many custom designs and add curb appeal to your home. The automatic gates that we custom build at A Better Fence Company are attractive and designed to not only add curb appeal to your home, they also provide privacy, security, and ease of access. Driveway Gates are available with many different options including wood or metal, swing or sliding, and solar or electric. Learn more about our Prosper Driveway Gates..

 driveway gate companies Prosper fence companies Prosper tx fence companyfence companies Prosper tx wood fences metal fences board on board

Prosper Patio Covers, Arbors & Pergolas

Backyard and outdoor living areas are a way of life in Prosper, TX, and arbors or pergolas are a must have. Not only do they provide shade for your patio, they provide a beautiful design element for your backyard. Call today to schedule a Patio Cover, Pergola, or Arbor consultation appointment, and we will have a representative come to your home in Prosper and meet with you to discuss the specifics and offer suggestions, and go over the details of the cost so we can work with you to meet your needs and budget. Learn more about our patio covers in Prosper…

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