About Us

Our Mission

Many people have asked us why we call ourselves “A Better Fence Company.” The reason is not because we think that we are better than every other fence company out there. Our name is a reminder to ourselves, and our representatives, of our commitment to higher standards. Sometimes it would be easier and more profitable to take shortcuts on jobs, but that would not be the Better way to do it. Sometimes it might be easier to move on to the next project without making sure the previous project was complete and thoroughly cleaned up, but that would not be Better customer service. We are A Better Fence Company because we want to be the Fence Company that is not a hassle to deal with and that honors our commitment to our customers even long after the project is complete. We want to improve the reputation of contractors in the DFW area by being an honest company that provides Better quality and customer service.

We are a local fence company, dedicated to doing it better. Our goal is to not only offer fences, gates and patio covers of the highest quality, but also to offer a better fence installation experience and better customer service.

Our Guarantee To You:

We promise to make your fence installation as smooth and headache-free as possible through affordable pricing, customer service, and quality workmanship. What makes us different from other fence companies?

  • Easy and Convenient Free Estimates

We understand that you have a busy schedule. With evening and weekend appointments available, we are willing to work with you to find an appointment time that fits your schedule. We will come out and meet with you and offer a free, no-pressure estimate. Our goal is to find a fence solution that fits your budget and your needs, and not to sell you something you don’t. Our non-commission estimator will sit down with you while you tell us what you are looking for, and suggest options that will meet your needs.

  • Affordable Prices, No Hidden Costs

By keeping our operation small, and remaining a local fence company, we are able to offer lower prices on fence installation. At your appointment, our non-comission estimator will provide you an all-inclusive estimate with no hidden or surprise costs, such as fence removal, travel fees, dump fees, permits, etc. What is on the estimate is what you will pay.

  • Quality Materials

When the materials are delivered to your property, they will be thoroughly inspected for quality before installation. Any materials, such as broken or cracked pickets, that do not meet our expectations, will be returned to our supplier and replaced at no cost.

  • Quality Installation

As our customer, we want you to feel comfortable with the work we are doing, and know that it is done right. We will never send a crew to your property without having a supervisor onsite. Many larger fence companies have a separate person to oversee the project, which can cause miscommunications and smaller details to be missed. At A Better Fence Company, the salesman that you meet with initially will be onsite during the installation to ensure that the crew does quality work, and that everything is installed as agreed upon.
We understand that mistakes can happen with any construction project, but having a supervisor onsite who cares about quality and customer satisfaction can minimize problems by ensuring that plants and vehicles are protected to avoid damage or overspray, the correct stain is used for the project, that holes are dug to the correct depth, and other issues that can happen without a supervisor onsite.

  • Thorough Clean-Up

A major complaint that we see in the construction industry is poor clean-up after a project. When you choose A Better Fence Company, you can expect to not have to clean up after we leave. We will respect your property and not allow our crew to leave trash onsite, large chunks of concrete, or other debris that you would have to clean up. We want to leave you with a new fence that is ready to show off to your neighbors and friends.

  • Final Inspection

When the supervisor determines that the project has been completed to our company’s satisfaction, we will do a “final walk-through” with you, and if you have any concerns, we will address them before we consider the project complete. Our company is dependent on referrals from happy customers, and our goal is to leave you with a picture-perfect fence that we would be proud to feature on our website as an example to future customers.