Retaining Walls

Are You looking for Stone and Rock Retaining Walls? Stone and Rock is the one of the most popular and beautiful options for backyards. If you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, strong, and long lasting, this is a great option.

This is our most economical option. Wood retaining walls are very popular in the Dallas Fort Worth area because of their versatility and low cost. We offer several wood retaining wall construction styles and options. Building the fence and wood retaining wall together makes the entire structure stronger and helps it them both last together.

Pavestone Retaining walls are very reliable in texas. As all Texans know. the ground moves a lot causing some areas to have more problems with their retaining wall structures. The main benefit of Pavestone retaining walls is their ability to be unstacked, adjusted, and reinstalled easily.

Concrete Retaining Walls are the most reliable and long term option we offer. Although they’re not as as ornate as some other options, we offer “Stone Veneer” options to make it look like stone if you prefer the stone/rock look.

We offer concrete footer options under any fence in order to help with water damage and damage from weed-eaters.

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