Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a new fence is a big decision, and you may have questions that you have not found the answer to on our site. We’ve included the answers to some frequently asked questions that we get, but please feel free to call us (940)220-9099 or email us if you have any questions. We are happy to help, let us know if there is anything we can do to make this process easier for you!

What Types of Fencing Do You Offer?

We Offer the Following Types of Fences:

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Wood Fences

Horizontal Style Wood Fences

Metal Fences (wrought iron)

Ranch Style Fences

Does A Better Fence Company Use Subcontractors?

This is a very common question, and a concern to many customers. As a homeowner, you want to know for sure that the people who will be at your home are background checked and drug tested, and that you and your family are safe while they are there working. You also want to know that the people who are doing the work are qualified, and that they are insured so that you will not assume any liability.

A Better Fence Company does not typically use subcontractors. While there are some circumstances where it may be necessary to have a subcontractor onsite working with our team (a licensed electrician for example), we are very selective about the people that we bring to your home, and there will be a supervisor from A Better Fence Company at every job site during the project. The representative that you met with initially will be there at the beginning of the project to introduce you to the supervisor and make sure that everything is installed as it was agreed upon, and will also do a final inspection with the supervisor before performing a final walkthrough with you, the homeowner. We believe that when you hire a fence company, as the customer, you should not have feel like you are a supervisor or project manager.

Is A Better Fence Company Insured?
Yes. We are insured for $2 Million, and are happy to provide a copy of our General Liability insurance upon request.
Do You Offer Vinyl Fencing?

We do not offer vinyl fencing. The reason we do not offer vinyl fencing is that we can not confidently stand behind the quality of this type of fencing. We can’t call ourselves “A Better Fence Company” and also deliver what we feel to be a low quality finished product that may not last. There are many advances made in the fencing industry, and if we find a vinyl fence product in the future that we are sure we can stand behind, we may begin to offer it.

What Type of Fence Will Last the Longest?

We offer three types of fences that will last at least 30 years or more with regular maintenance. Our premium cedar fence and our premium privacy fence will both last at least 30 years if they are properly maintained. Also our metal fences will last 30 years or longer with regular maintenance.

What Maintenance Will My New Fence Require?

Wood Fences

In order to get the most life out of your new fence, we recommend that you have the fence stained initially. We do offer pre-stained pickets for our cedar fences, but if you do not want to go with that option, your fence should be stained approximately 4-6 weeks after installation. Some companies will stain a new fence immediately after installation, but that does allow enough time for the wood to properly cure which will impact the stain’s ability to protect the fence and also will not last as long. We also recommend that you stain your wood fence every 2-3 years with an oil based stain.

Wrought Iron (Metal) Fences

Metal fences are known for being low maintenance, making them a popular alternative to wood fences. An occasional rinse with a hose will keep your metal fence looking new, and as you are doing this, keep an eye out for chipped paint or rust. As soon as you see this start to happen, have some touch up paint applied to the chipped areas, and if there is rust starting to form, have it addressed as soon as possible. If you have your metal fence installed by a professional, you shouldn’t start to see these issues until several years after installation.