Veteran Outreach Program

At A Better Fence Company, we know that our veterans have given so much, and as a means to show our appreciation for those innumerable sacrifices, we are committed to being a company centered around veteran assistance. We will honor our veterans, not by looking at them as charity cases, but acknowledging the many obstacles that they must overcome, and giving them the tools to heal, reintegrate, and care for themselves and their families.  We believe by giving them employment opportunities, outlets for their stories, and an employer who genuinely understands the struggles of reintegration, we can truly show them honor by assisting them in ways that do not take from their dignity. 

Texas is home to 1.3 million of our nations 21.8 million veterans. Based on the national average, that means that Texas is home to 117,000 unemployed veterans. In a national survey, veterans expressed that “civilian disconnect” with their civilian employers is the main difficulty in finding and holding a job. Because A Better Fence Company is veteran owned, we bridge that gap and eliminate the biggest hurdle in the employment process.

Another of the main difficulties that veterans expressed facing, was a feeling of isolation with no outlet for their stories. Many studies, organizations, and doctors have found that by providing a safe and accepting space where veterans can share their stories and hear the stories of their brothers and sister in combat, their feelings of isolation are greatly helped, and suicidal thoughts can even be decreased. With  this knowledge, A Better Fence Company has set out to provide ways for veterans to share their stories.  To do this, we will periodically ask family and friends of disabled veterans to nominate them to share their story with us. All of the stories will be presented to the community, and the community will vote for a disabled veteran to receive a fence or handrail as our way to say thank you.
Veterans, you have sacrificed so much for us all, and you continue to do so through the daily difficulties and challenges you face due to those sacrifices. We are forever grateful for you and we stand by you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. -A Better Fence Company


Do you know of a disabled veteran who would benefit from a free fence or handrail?

We would love to hear their story! Please use the form provided below to nominate a friend or family member.