Meet the Owner

A Brief Interview with one of the Owners

What made you decide to call your company A Better Fence Company?

“Customers are what make a company, right? We wouldn’t exist without customers. Treating customers better, making sure they get the right product and good quality workmanship, we wanted to do it better, so we started a company called A Better Fence Company.”

Why are you dedicated to running your company this way?
“We are a faith based business dedicated to making sure that we honor biblical principles in everything that we do. I really enjoy having a family business and being able to develop a work atmosphere that I can bring my kids to and say to them, “look, this is what daddy does.”
“Also, being a veteran owned and operated business, and me personally coming from an Army background, it’s ingrained in me and everything that I do. Loyalty, honor, leadership, respect, and selfless service.”

Harry Pullen is a Texas native and father of 5 children. He was raised with his sister by his single mother, who struggled to make ends meet. At the young age of 14, Harry started working for a construction company in order to help out his family with the bills.

Shortly after he got married, he joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia after basic training. While stationed there, Harry was injured during a training exercise, and due to Army regulations, it was determined that he was no longer fit for deployment because of the injury, and Harry was medically discharged from the military.

After moving back to Texas with his family, Harry has worked for some of the bigger fence companies in the industry, and saw a lot of things that he felt needed to be improved in order for customers to receive quality, honesty, and better customer service. He wanted to offer customers a better option, so he partnered with a long-time friend and decided to start A Better Fence Company.

We’re honored that you gave A Better Fence Company an opportunity to earn your business. Thank you for choosing A Better Fence Company, you’ll be glad you did!