Mckinney Driveway Gates

Driveway gates built by our company in Mckinney are fully customizable and offer convenience as well as security for our customers. Whether you want a wrought iron driveway gate to accent your home and show off your landscaping, or you want a wood driveway gate for complete privacy, we offer many options for both and can customized a gate to fit your style and your budget!

Mckinney Driveway Swing Gates

Driveway Swing Gates are available as a single or double (bi-parting) gate. Swing gates, or double swing gates are ideal for large houses with long driveways. This type of security gate can be seen in a variety of sizes, functions, and even with elegant designs. Automatic Driveway swing gates can be operated by keypad with a code for increased security, or with a wireless remote for added convenience. For Mckinney homeowners looking for a lower cost option for a driveway gate, we offer several basic pre-fabricated steel gate options. Or, for a more designer look to make your home really stand out, we can offer you plenty of options to completely custom build your can even draw us a sketch of what you have in mind!

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Driveway Swing Gate Features:

Our Driveway Swing Gates in Mckinney Include:

-Liftmaster Series LA-500 (top of the line for residential use)
-24 volt unit for ultra-quiet operation
-Safety Entrapment Device (prevents gates from closing if there is an obstruction)
-4 x 4″ Steel Posts, 1/4 thick set approximately 48 in deep in Maximizer Concrete
-7″ Barrel Hinges w/ greasable fittings
-1 Keypad & 2 Remotes 

Mckinney Sliding Driveway Gates

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Sliding Gates use grooved wheels on a V-track. Gate roller guides are used to guide the gate and keep it upright. A mooring point, also called a gate catcher, is located on the opposite post to stabilize the gate in the closed position. In general, if you have enough space we recommend using a slide gate for your driveway. As far as wear and tear, our slide gates have a better weight distribution than other types of gates, making them very reliable. It is very important to have your gate and gate operator installed by professionals who are familiar with the manufacturer requirements for the maximum gate length and weight that each operator can handle so that your gate will provide you with many years of trouble free operation.

Driveway Sliding Gate Features:

Our Driveway Sliding Gates in Mckinney Include:

-Liftmaster Gate Operator (top of the line for residential use)
-Steel Frame
-4 x 4 Steel Posts, 1/4″ thick set approximately 48 in deep in Maximizer concrete
-V-track & Wheels
– 1 Keypad & 2 Remotes

Wi-fi Adapters for Driveway Gates

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Nowadays, there is an app for everything..including your driveway gate! In the past, if you were at work or away from your home and needed to let the lawn guys or pool company into your yard, you had to give out your gate code. Now, we offer a Wi-fi adapter for your driveway gate that allows you to open your gate with your smart phone or tablet!

Other Mckinney Driveway Gate Accessories

Keypad Pedestal
Mckinney Automatic Driveway Gate Companies | Wrought Iron Driveway GatesYour keypad can be attached to a pedestal for drive-up convenience! Also Available- Ring Brand video doorbell can be attached to the pedestal to alert you when guests arrive.


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