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little elm patio cover companies arbors pergolas contractors little elmBackyard and outdoor living areas are a way of life in Little Elm, and arbors or pergolas are a must have. Not only do they provide shade for your patio, they provide a beautiful design element for your backyard. Arbors and pergolas not only enhance other outdoor elements, they provide a space for families to come together, drink sweet tea, enjoy the outdoors, and celebrate the Little Elm Lobo’s victories!

Whether you’re looking for a brand new patio cover, new cedar deck installation, or custom pergola installation, our professional craftsmen have the knowledge and experience to design and install a beautiful backyard structure that will not only be custom to your needs, but also enhance and accent your backyard at your home in Little Elm. Call today to schedule a Patio Cover, Pergola, or Arbor consultation appointment, and we will have a representative come to your home and meet with you to discuss the specifics and offer suggestions, and go over the details of the cost so we can work with you to meet your needs and budget.


Typically, a wooden structure that provides shade over a patio and attaches to the home is known patio cover companies little elm pergola builders deck contractors arbor builders little elmas a pergola, although is sometimes referred to as an arbor. Pergolas allow you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of a gorgeous sunny day right in your own back yard. The wood slats on top provide just the right amount of shade while still having the openness to allow in some sunlight. Our pergolas are custom built on site using only a high quality western red cedar. We offer fluted wood or stone columns to add a decorative style to your pergola and incorporate the style of your landscaping into your pergola design.


A traditional arbor is simply any freestanding overhead structure, built to frame a space in your landscaping. They are available in many sizes, some include gates or are attached to fences, while other groups are flat top designs compared to others perfectly arched overhead. Adding lattice sides to the arbor create a place for climbing plants, and a wood swing can be added for a place of rest and relaxation.

What is the difference between an Arbor and a Pergola?

As far as we’re concerned, there isn’t one. For most people, the names are interchangeable, which is why place such an importance on taking the time to do a Little Elm Patio Cover Companies | Pergola Builders | Arbor Builders | Deck Contractors Little Elmthorough consultation with our customers so they know and we know exactly what to expect. Traditionally though, an arbor is a freestanding structure that provides shade, or is used decoratively across a walkway or for plants to climb. A pergola is a structure that is attached to the house and provides a cover for the entrance to the backyard. Arbors are typically smaller, and have two sides, while pergolas are typically open on all sides and have heavy posts for support.

Patio Covers

Arbors | Pergola with Roof | Deck Contractors | Patio Cover Companies Little ElmLiving in the Little Elm area means weather conditions are unpredictable. A patio cover custom designed and installed by A Better Fence Company will protect your outdoor space from harmful UV rays, high winds, driving hail and intense heat. Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors. With a shingled pergola, you can still have your outdoor barbecue even in the rain! Our Patio Covers can be built as a free standing structure or attached to your existing home. Patio Covers are built using composition shingles to match your existing home and can be freestanding or tie into your roof line.

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